Over the years, Bapu has held various events honouring the diverse culture and arts of India by presenting awards and paying tribute to those who have played a part in preserving folklore, traditional dance and other forms of art. Many renowned artists have performed in the presence of Bapu during these events. Bapu has also initiated discourses on world religions and harmony, inaugurated by the Dalai Lama, as well as keeping alive the most ancient language of Sanskrit by bringing together and holding debates with eminent scholars. The following are the main events that have been held over the years:

Asmita Parva: A conclave of high-ranking literary figures of the Gujarati language convene to discuss and analyse the issues and achievements. This takes place for three days every summer for the past sixteen years. The evenings are taken up by classical music rendered by eminent vocalists and instruments of India. There is hardly any maestro who has not performed at these programmes. (View Photos)

Sanskrit Satra: Every year for the last 14 years, the outstanding scholars from all over India specialising in the study of Sanskrit – the most ancient Indian language meet every fall to explain and analyze the epics as also the classical works in Sanskrit. (View Photos)

Regional Ramayanas: In 2006, scholars of Ramayana from all the corners of India were invited to a Conference on regional variations and versions of Ramayana in the various spoken languages of India. Eminent celebrities like late Indira Goswami, Sitakant Mahapatra, Prof. Indranath Chowdhari presented their papers which have been published in a book form.

The Voice of Women: A collection of papers called ‘The Voice of Women’ was read at the conference Gargi to Gangasati, held to commemorate the life and literary output of the women saint poets from India and abroad. Lyrics and songs were presented in their own languages by eminent singers as directed by experts. (View Photos)

Harmony through Dialogue: In 2009, this conference, inaugurated by the Dalai Lama, brought together leading personalities of all the religions of the world to seek harmony and peace between various religions committees. Leaders of Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and religions were present. (View Photos)

National Conference on Valmiki Ramayana: This conference was held in 2012 and attended by eminent scholars on Valmiki who discussed various aspects of the epic. (View Photos)


Tulsi Award is presented on the day of Tulsi Jayanti (the birth date of Goswāmi Tulsidās) and recognises the lineage of those who recite kathas – their efforts to preserve the teachings of the scriptures and maintain the traditions of India. This award was initiated in 2010, when 40 kathākārs who had passed away were recognised. (View Photos)

Sant Vani Award recognises those who are keeping alive the traditional, ancestral and spiritual bhajans (songs) of Gujarat.

Kavi Kag Award is in memory of a well-known Gujarati poet Kavi Kag, who understood and wrote folk literature. The award is given to a Gujarati folk artist for music or literature.

Lalit Kala Award is given in recognition of those in the field of painting, sculpture and still photography.

Chitrakut Award recognises the dedication and excellence of primary school teachers.

Hanuman Jayanti & Guru Purnima – Audio & Video of past years

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